Electric Transfer Pump 24 V | Boat bilge water transfer

£88.00 Price ex.Vat

For water and salt water transfer.

06 - 10 units | Per unit: £79.20
11 - 20 units | Per unit: £74.80
21 - 99 units | Per unit: £70.40


Self-priming electric pump with rubber impeller for high performance and long life.
The rubber impeller can tolerate impurities (max 5 mm), but not abrasive particles.

Fluids Allowed

Fresh Water and Sea water (max 40 °C)
Water Containing Glycols

Technical Details

Type: Marco UP1N – 162 002 13
Volt: 24V
Fuse: 10A
Flow Rate (*): 35 l/min – 9.2 gpm
Pressure: 1.2 bar – 17.4 psi
Weight: 2.8Kg – 6.2 lb
Wire size(**): 2.5 mm2 – 14 AWG
Motor power (W): 180
Protection: IP 67

(*) Internal tube Ø 25 mm, water at 25 °C
(**) Length up to 2 m


The pump can be mounted in any position. Fix the pump utilizing suitable diameter screws corresponding to the holes.
Check that there has been no damage to the pump during transportation or storage.
Both inlet and outlet ports should be carefully cleaned removing possible dust or residual packaging material. Verify that the available electrical power supply corresponds to the specification requirements.

To ensure the correct directional flow of the fluid as indicated by the arrow on the top plate, it is necessary to connect the positive pole (+) of the battery supply to the red wire on the motor end-cap and the negative pole (-) to the black wire.

Electrical connections must be made using adequate terminal blocks and connectors ensuring a tight fitment of the electrical cables.
Bad wiring can cause power losses and/or overheating of the cabling itself.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 120 × 94 × 179 mm